Standard Operating Procedure


                                      Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
Front Office
Front office of a Hotel is the most important place. It is also known as the “Nerve centre “  of the whole establishment. The first employees who come into contact with most Guests are the front office staff. Members of the front office are most noticeable and also ashamed well confessant/knowledgeable about the hotel. Very often in an cenfamiliar  actuations the Guest want to know each and every details of hotels ferrites and facilities present working under front office must be to answer properly. It is such important well informed section of the whole operation, which has to have an excellent understudy of other Departments, Mainly-----
  1. House Keeping
  2. Food & Beverage
  3. Maintenance
  4. Security etc

On Guest Arrival
  1. Greeting:
Guest the guests on his/her first  arrived. It has been told that “First Impression is the host impression”. So it very important to know How to greet the hotel guest politely when he/she enters in hotel premises. You must use “Formal and as language Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening etc.
Informal: what is up, long time no tee, yeah.
  1. Guiding to Front Desk/Reception Counter:
Bellboy comes into the scenario. His prime function, after greeting is to escort the quest to front desk. After that to guest room it is also called “Room the Guest”
  1. Registration:
Registration procedures be gins at Front Desk/Reception counter. Front desk personal have to have ready smile at all the times while greeting the guest. As the guest approves the reception he/she must be greeted nearby with dedicated attention eye-to-eye contact.
It is very important for reception to bear in mind that the guest who is warmly blamed with sincere greeters will feel expert similar attention from other hotel offices.
There is a axel rule practiced by the front office staffs/receptionists. This has 2 bare parts:
  1. The first 10 suggests that, guests have mentality to judge a hotel by his first 10 minutes visit. So, dairy this time if he gets well professional services then thy  will have positive thoughts about the hotel.
  2. The other 10 means a receptionist should greet 10 feet before he/she comes to reception. This make a fervidly atmosphere.                     
During the registration, check the Basie points mated below—
a)      Verify Guest Name
b)      Check and issue spelling to avoid mistake.
c)      All entries mentioned in “Registrations Card” First name, Last name, Nationality, DOB, PP etc. Must be correctly filled in.
d)      Payment method must be clearly defined.

Registration Record
A registration record is erected by front office presented. In the record all necessary date of the guest are written and this card holds acme basic information, such as:
a)      Guest Full Name
b)      Address
c)      Date Of Arrival
d)      Company Affliction
e)      Room Rate
f)       Payment Method
g)      Rules & Regulation of the hotel
h)      Check out date etc.

Guest Database
After guest departure, this record play an import and role. It becomes a part of hotels guest database. It is the main history of file and from this record one can easily identify the guest. If he comes next and this some a lot of time for both hotel and guest.

Guest Folio
Guest folio is  erasidered as master bill in a hotel. If contains all transaction of both credit occurred by each resident guest. Guest folios are kept in folio rock at front office cash. In computerized system these condos are kept/store in the computer and only printed out at the time of checking out.
Guest fo;io records each early of guest transaction. This recording process is called posting. Posting is done consecutively in the order of transactions on a given date.

Hotel Room Inventory
Making room inventory is a continuous process in any hotel industry. Room inventory is maintained for housekeeping purpose. In fact this term is used to determine how many rooms are errantly in the hotel for date. Hotel room have certain term which define its statues for example:
a)      Occupied
b)      Stay Over
c)      Out of Order
d)      Vacant

Though the front office is responsible for making the reservation but in order to keep regular update of the room status. It should home to make regular communication with Housekeeping, Maintenance and Sales department.

Source of Hotel Guest Reservation
Guest reservation in hotel is down through many sources. The term “Sources means an indeirdud or group or company which takes service from hotel and in reply pay for it. In large hotels reservation agents handle such reservations small & mid size hotel front office reservation handles this activities. Some widely used source of hotel guest reservation are:
a)      Global Distribution System (GDS)
b)      Server Computer System
c)      Amadeus Computer System
d)      Galileo Central Reservation System
e)      World span And
f)       Scandinavian multi across reservation for travel agents (AMART)

Most if the hotels are coroneted to one or more of these global distribution system. From any where of the world the traveler can make reservation to they (Systems) have computerized network system.

Tour Operator
Tour operators comprise of package tour programs and sell these package in large number all one the world. Tore deal with hotels. Tour operators cooperate with hotels or air vies in order to include there services in their tour package.

Travel Agent
Travel agent are retailers they reserve commission from the tour operator for selling their tour package.  Travel agent also promote hotel accommodations.

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